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Experience Change with Open Life Therapy

Bespoke sessions to help you to transform your life


About Open Life Therapy

There are times when the stresses and strains of life can take their toll and leave us feeling heavy, shrunken and contracted. 

This may manifest for you in feelings of 

  • anxiety & stress

  • tension in the body

  • sleep disorders

  • addictions 

  • struggling to maintain a healthy work / life balance 

  • lacking motivation to achieve your desired goals.

I work alongside people struggling with these issues. My aim is to help clients to move forward with a renewed sense of feeling Open to Life again.

I use a blend of hypnotherapy and counselling techniques, as well as movement and breathing excercises in my work.


Get to Know Me

Meet Francesca McFadden


I am a qualified hypnotherapist and in my final year of study to become an accredited psychotherapeutic counsellor. I've also trained extensively, over many years, in t'ai chi, qi gong and yoga. The combination of these pursuits, as well as seeing a therapist myself, helped me to change my relationship with anxiety and stress, transforming my life.


Price List

Whilst I see clients at my practice in Oxford, I'm also very happy to offer sessions via Zoom or telephone.

Due to the current Covid- 19 pandemic, I'm currently offering Zoom and telephone sessions at a reduced rate. 

I also offer concessions based on individual circumstances. Please contact me for more information.


Initial consultation

A free 30 minute, no obligation, telephone consultation

£65 in person

£50 via zoom or telephone

After the initial consultation, each session is 50 minutes long

£150 in person

£120 via zoom or telephone

A discount is offered for block booking three 50 minute sessions

£150 in person

£120 via zoom

Stop smoking! A stand alone session designed to help you stop smoking for good. (A free follow up session is included if additional support is necessary.)


Contact Me

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact me


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National Hypnotherapy Society Membership no. HP17-04557

National Counselling Society Membership no. NCS18-06451